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What is the need of psychometric tests?

It helps to

  • Know Yourself
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Know which function you should choose IT , HR , Marketing or Finance and why ?
  • Future career scope based on your personality
  • Taking action


What advantage will psychometric tests provide you?

Based on the feedback of most of the corporate, companies are looking for the psychometric reports of the candidates that will help them in analyzing the attitude, personality and various other characteristics of the candidate. To meet this demand of the corporate, we suggest students to take psychometric test and attach the reports on our website along with their CVs. This will help corporate to view your CV along with your psychometric report and accordingly they can call you for the selection procedure. Students interested in taking psychometric test, please mail us at And we will take you a step closer in getting you a job in leading companies.

Details of 16 PF psychometric report

For First year MBA students

It is a competency based format of the reports of the 16PF 5th edition. The purpose of this report is togive a Competency based personality report for a specific specialisation.

After the completion of the test by each student, Edu Ecosystem Pvt Ltd will customize reports to reflect specialization fitment and generic competency levels of each student.
The report will entail the 16PF Report as well as a feedback sheet highlighting the strengths and development areas, skills gaps vis-à-vis area of specialization and individual feedback / inputs for overall personal-career development and growth.

The reports will be handed over to each student and to their respective faculty members

  • The broad themes covered under this session will be as follows:
  • Understanding self by understanding various personality traits / factors that contribute to functional and behavioural competencies.
  • Understanding individual competency levels by utilizing the 16 PF (Personality Factors) Tool.
  • Sharing individual test reports, which will cover the student’s personality fitment with his/her respective area of specialization.

For Second Year Students

16 P.F. Job Readiness Report

Employability skills are the attributes of employees, other than technical competence, that make them an asset to the employer. Based on experience in recruiting for the corporate, industry mapping and research, we have identified seven competencies that are critical for the student’s success as they enter into the corporate life.

Edu Ecosystem pvt ltd recommends the following seven employment competencies as critical to succeed in corporate life.

  • Willingness to Communicate
  • Problem-Solving
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Learning Focus
  • Team Working
  • Entrepreneurial Orientation
  • Personal Credibility and Resourcefulness